News and Notes : 6.21.13

football, news, smile

football, news

Happy first day of summer, everyone! In celebration, we’re going to take a break from the more intense news of the week and have some fun:

Wouldn’t you want these guys to show up at your door?

And who doesn’t love a good prank?

In keeping with the snake theme, here’s this:

This one falls under the category of “C’mon, man.” You’re at the Super Bowl. Know your NFL Players!

This one is as endearing for it’s look back at Ravens legends past as it is for good natured fun:

Scooter Magruder has a ton of hilarious sports-related videos, including “Things Fans Say” videos for a bunch of NFL teams. Don’t be too surprised at which team I decided to feature:

And you’ve gotta love this:

Wasn’t that fun? Now go have a great weekend! Enjoy the first official summer days!

Author: Beka