News and Notes : 5.10.13

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Peyton and Ronde and Levi's, oh my! Come on over for a quick round of news and notes today.

Five little notes for today:

  1. Let the record state that the first Super Bowl guarantee has been made: Nick Fairley has deemed his Lions the victors. We’ll see how that goes.
  2. Candlestick Park is getting a makeover and a new name, which is likely to be Levi’s Stadium. Niners owner Jed York is nicknaming it the “Field of Jeans” and I kind of love him forever for that.
  3. You are going to want to read this article. Really, it’ll make your Friday. Peyton Manning is on fire this offseason – not only in his meticulous preparation…but in the art of team bonding. He’s the master.
  4. There are lots of well-known free agents still on the market: Brian Urlacher, Charles Woodson, and Dwight Freeney among them. For some, it’s not a question of where they’ll land, but if they’ll land with a team next season. Which is the business of sports, but it’s a sad business when the greats are involved.
  5. Speaking of the greats: Ronde Barber is retiring after a 16 year career with the Bucs. His resume boasts 5 Pro Bowl selections, 47 interceptions, and a Super Bowl ring. And he’s as good off the field as he is on it, a true class act.

Bonus note: there will be no more “Waiting all day for Sunday night” with Faith Hill this season. She’s decided to move on from her infamous SNF gig, with Carrie Underwood serving as her replacement. (Good call on that, producers.)

How about you guys? Any other news or notes you’d like to chat about?

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2 thoughts on “News and Notes : 5.10.13”

  1. It is crazy to think Freeney wouldn’t be picked up by someone. I will miss that spin move.
    Woodson too. I was never an Urlacher fan and think his best days really are behind him.
    Carrie Underwood huh? Just have to see how that is week one. Which by the way can’t get here soon enough

    1. I had to double check on Freeney’s status just because I was so surprised that he hadn’t been picked up yet! It seems like the era of veteran free agents getting jobs as soon as they’re released is coming to a close, which is too bad for a lot of quality players like Freeney. We’ll see where they all land as we continue to count down to Week 1!!! :)

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