News and Notes : 3.29.13

Just a few notes and a little news this week. Come on over for a nice, relaxing Friday!

Bits of Draft News:

  • Manti Te’o shaved a whole second off his 40 time at Notre Dame’s pro day on Tuesday, from a 4.82 to a 4.7, which should at the very least inspire confidence in the teams who are already considering drafting him.
  • Pro Football Weekly’s Top 5 QB’s in the draft: Matt Barkley, Ryan Nassib, E.J. Manuel, Tyler Wilson, Zac Dysert. Geno Smith comes in at 6. I think I’d be surprised if Smith went after Wilson and Dysert, right? I haven’t seen him projected so low until this list, but PFW knows their stuff.
  • Marcus Lattimore was given a well-deserved round of applause after his pro day at South Carolina on Wednesday. If you need something to uplift your Friday, this article should do the trick.

Bits of League News:

  • Elvis Dumervil is now a Raven.
  • Ed Reed is now a Texan.
  • Osi Umenyiora is now a Falcon.
  • Basically: if you’re a veteran, you’re not where you were last year.
  • There are a gaggle of guys still on the market: Brent Grimes, Antoine Winfield, Ahmad Bradshaw, Dwight Freeney, and John Abraham, just to name a few.

Slow news week this week, gang. Anything to add? Go ahead and shout it out in the comments if so!

Author: Beka