News and Notes : 3.1.13

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football, news

This week’s News and Notes post is coming to you from Allentown, Pennsylvania, where I am currently attending the Nike Coach of the Year Conference for high school and college football coaches.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: I’m neither of those. That is not false. However, I am determined to learn just as much about football as any high school or college coach knows, and I think this is a great way to get that process started. Might as well dive in while I have the opportunity and see what happens!

In other news:

Highs (kind of) and Lows (really) at the Combine:

It seems like this is a bit of a shaky year for draft prospects. There was a whole lot of speed at the combine (although Chris Johnson’s insane 4.24 40 still stands), but other than that, it was a little rough.

However, a few players were in particularly fine form at this year’s combine: Eric Fisher (T), Denard Robinson (QB/WR), Tavon Austin (WR), and Margus Hunt (DE) all stood out from the crowd in one way or another, changing expectations for how they’d fare in the draft.

(Seriously, I think my mouth hung ajar every time Margus Hunt obliterated another skills drill.)

Also, let the record show that my mom, who is of retirement age, watched the combine more intently than I did, and even proclaimed that it was better than the Olympics. I think we can put any questions about where my love of football came from to rest.

Breakups and Makeups:

That time when you love the one you’re with: Greg Jennings and the Packers. 

Maybe. Emphasis on maybe. But rumor has it that the Packers might put the franchise tag on Jennings and release Jermichael Finley. Now, to me, this seems like a great option. But since we’ve already concluded that I’d be a terrible GM, I tend to assume that any decision that sounds like a decision I’d make is probably a bad one. So we’ll refrain from rejoicing for now and just see where this one goes. I trust Ted.

That time when you break up with a perfectly good person for the love of your life: Alex Smith and the Niners.

Looks like Alex Smith’s days in SF are done, and really, I don’t know anyone who isn’t rooting for this guy. He was having a great season before he was replaced by their QB of the future, Colin Kaepernick, and deserves another chance with another team. From all appearances/reports it seems like that team will be the Chiefs. Now, it’s not like the Chiefs are going to be everyone’s preseason Super Bowl pick now that Smith is on his way there, but he could do really well in KC under Andy Reid’s care.

That time when you’re in 6th grade and you want to break up with someone so you avoid just eye contact indefinitely without ever having an actual conversation: Darrelle Revis and the Jets.

Just when you think the Jets couldn’t be any more of a hott mess, they get messier. The only thing worse than not signing your best player to a long-term deal is not talking to your best player and pretending that you are not not signing him to a long-term deal, but you don’t really know where this relationship is headed, either. Time to commit, Gang Green, one way or the other. 

In closing, this:

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When this is news, it’s officially time for the regular season to begin again. Good grief.

Author: Beka