Offensive Possession

An offensive possession is the term used to describe having control of the football on offense for a specific period of time. An offensive possession, also called a “drive,” is the collection of plays from the beginning of one possession until the end of one possession.

Example: The receiving team catches the kickoff and kneels down in the end zone for a touchback. The ball will be placed on the 20-yard line. The offense then constructs an 80-yard drive (a collection of plays that cover 80-yards) for a touchdown. That is one offensive possession.

Next, the opposing team catches the kickoff and runs it out to the 13-yard line. They gain a yard on 1st down, lose 2-yards on 2nd down, and have an incomplete pass on 3rd down. They decide to punt the ball to the other team on 4th down. That is one offensive possession.

Author: Beka

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