What To Know : Week 10

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Week 10 has arrived! Here’s what you need to know:

GAME OF THE WEEK: Lots of people are saying Cowboys at Eagles, and for good reason. Both teams have found their niche this season as the teams that never fail to find a way to fail. So Sunday’s battle of the 3-5’s promises not to be unlike watching a head-on collision to see which vehicle escapes with less damage. Personally, I’m excited for the Texans at Bears. It promises to be a low-scoring affair with two of the league’s best defenses on display, but a good matchup of worthy opponents. Also, be on upset alert for the Falcons at Saints game.

PLAYER TO WATCH: There are so many different directions I want to go with this one, but I think I’m settling on all of the Tennessee Titans. All of the players/coaches/personnel/secretaries were put on notice after owner Bud Adams went on the war path following the Titans humbling loss to Chicago last Sunday. Basically, everyone will be playing for their lives, which isn’t the best atmosphere for starting QB Jake Locker to come back to after being out on injury for the past few weeks.

STORYLINE TO KNOW: Charles Tillman, cornerback for the Bears, has let it be known that if his wife goes into labor on Sunday, he will miss the game to be with her. This, predictably, has the more rabid football fans and commentators up in arms, while everyone else is touched by his (completely NORMAL) commitment to his family. Would you expect anyone else to miss the birth of their child if they had a choice in the matter? Tillman is absolutely making the right call here.


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