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What it means to love a team

Most of you know that I’m a huge Packers fan. You might also know that the Packers lost in the wildcard round yesterday, putting an end to their all-too-brief playoff run. So as part of fulfilling the five stages of playoff loss grief, I’m posting something I wrote last season after the Packers lost to […]

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What To Know : Wildcard Weekend

We know how the playoffs work and who the teams are, which is a great start. Here’s the next step: a short preview of this weekend’s wildcard games. Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts (Saturday at 4:35 pm EST, NBC) If you knew this was going to be the matchup back in the midpoint of […]

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What To Know : After Wildcard Weekend

I hate to say it, but this Wildcard Weekend was kind of lame. In our preview post I mentioned that I don’t remember ever being so excited for a Wildcard Weekend…but now I can pretty confidently say that I don’t remember ever being so disappointed in a Wildcard Weekend. However, the games got better and […]

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What to Know : Wildcard Weekend

Welcome to your Wildcard Weekend What to Know post! Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I was more excited for a playoff round. This is fixing to be one for the ages, so let’s jump right in! Bengals at Texans Saturday, January 5th, 4:30pm EST What to Know: Sometimes, history repeats itself. Almost a […]