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What To Know : Week 14

Here we go, ladies! Week 14 has arrived: GAME OF THE WEEK: Houston at New England on Monday night, an AFC battle. This could potentially be a preview of the AFC Championship game. Vegas is taking the Pats, and so are most other predictors, but I think it’ll be a close one. PLAYER TO WATCH: RYAN GRANT!!! […]

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What To Know : After Week 13

Let me tell you about one of the crueler decisions ever made by television executives. On Sunday, while most of the country was watching Adrian Peterson have one of the best game of his life and the Packers, my Packers!, shut the Vikes out in the second half to get the win, Eastern New York […]

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What To Know : Week 13

This just kills me. Week 13?! Already?! It can’t be! But it’s here all the same. And it’s fixing to be a great one: GAME OF THE WEEK: I mean, really, take your pick. What game isn’t great this week (blacked out Buffalo/Jacksonville game notwithstanding)? Clearly, I have a vested interest in the Packers vs. Vikings […]

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What To Know : After Week 12

I found myself saying “OH!” a lot over the weekend. There were a lot of Rossian “OH, wow!” moments and a lot of just plain “OH, dear…” moments, too. Here are a few of the more memorable O-themed moments from Week 12: O-lines: As in lack thereof for the Packers. I’m not so enthusiastic about […]

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What To Know : Week 12

Week 12 is upon us! Here’s what you need to know: GAME OF THE WEEK: Packers at Giants, Sunday night. The Giants have crushed the Packers playoff dreams twice in recent years. (Not cool, NYG.) This game is a rematch of last year’s playoff game, in which the Giants routed the 15-1 Packers en route […]

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What To Know : After Week 11

Let’s just start by saying: I love the NFL. All weeks, but especially this week. And here’s why. THREE GAMES went into overtime at the same time on Sunday. I mean, come on. Does it get any better? Um, yes. It does. Because we get to talk about it. So, let’s categorize: OVERTIMES: Who thought […]