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Review and Preview : Week 7

Review On Monday: We reviewed all of the injury-laden activity from Week 7. On Tuesday: We talked about the controversial call that decided the Jets vs. Patriots game on Sunday afternoon. On Wednesday: We answered three of your questions about real games. On Thursday: We broke down the question you didn’t even know you had: […]

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At the Water Cooler : Week 7

Would you like your Week 7 with a side of injuries? Or maybe you’d like to make them your main dish? No problem. The NFL was awash with big ticket injuries this week – along with a bunch of great games. Here’s the recap! Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals (Seahawks won, 34-22) The Seahawks are […]

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What To Know : After Week 7

Here’s the important info to know about Week 7 in the NFL: Who’s Back: Terrell Suggs was back in the lineup for the Ravens. Although unfortunately it didn’t help much in their 13-43 loss to the Texans. Vilma was back for the first time this season for the Saints…possibly for the last time this season […]

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What To Know : Week 7

It literally pains me that we’re already at Week 7…the season goes by so fast! At any rate, here’s the need-to-know info for this week: GAME OF THE WEEK: I’m tempted to go with the battle of the 3-3’s: The 3-3 Patriots vs. The 3-3 Jets, both of whom are fighting with the also 3-3 […]