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Review and Preview : Week 2

Review 50’s the Mike: A method of calling out protection assignments for the offensive players by pointing out “the Mike” on defense. Usually the Mike is the middle linebacker, but during these calls the Mike is the player on defense who the offense identifies as key to their protection assignments. (From Tuesday’s post.) Referee (or […]

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At the Water Cooler : Week 2

Yesterday would have been the perfect time to be surrounded by a dozen TV screens, each with a different game. There were so many good, close games! Here’s what you need to know about those barn burners and every other game from Week 2 in the NFL. NY Jets at New England Patriots (Patriots won, […]

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Review & Preview : Week 1 Edition

  We’re really going all-out over here with new features for the 2013 Season, but this one might be my favorite: a quick review of what we’ve learned this week and a preview of the weekend action that’s about to unfold. A perfect weekend read! Let’s dive in! Review Safety: A defensive score, worth 2-points. […]

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What To Know : After Week 2

Oh, boy. What a weird week in the NFL. Let’s dig right in: Perhaps the most glaring story is the incompetence of the replacement refs. When you are officiating a game and have to refer to one team as the “red” team (which is what I’ll be calling the Falcons for the rest of the […]

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What to Know : Week 2

What to Know: Week 2 GAME TO KNOW: I think the game of the week already happened: Bears at Packers last night. It’s a classic rivalry, but more than that, it was a litmus test for both teams. The Bears put up 41 points on the Colts last week, an abnormality for their defensive-minded team. […]