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Review and Preview : Week 10

Review Audible: Calling an audible is what happens when someone, usually the quarterback, changes the play at the line of scrimmage. (From Tuesday’s post.) Head Coach’s Headset: The head coach is usually talking to coordinators who are up in the box (a press box up high in the stadium). He is engaged in a constant conversation with his […]

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At the Water Cooler : Week 10

Washington Redskins at Minnesota Vikings (Vikings won, 34-27) Credit where credit is due: prior to leaving in the 3rd quarter with an injury, Vikings QB Christian Ponder went 17 of 21 for 174 yards and two touchdowns and one interception. Not amazing, but not too shabby for a guy who doesn’t get much r-e-s-p-e-c-t. Seattle […]

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What To Know : After Week 10

What to know this week? That in the NFL, no one really knows anything. Thus, this: The Dolphins, looking like they could be a playoff threat last week, lose 37-3 to the Titans, who lost 51-20 to the Bears the week before. The Patriots win a nail-biter…against the Bills. Final score: 37-31. Kickers who never […]

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What To Know : Week 10

Week 10 has arrived! Here’s what you need to know: GAME OF THE WEEK: Lots of people are saying Cowboys at Eagles, and for good reason. Both teams have found their niche this season as the teams that never fail to find a way to fail. So Sunday’s battle of the 3-5’s promises not to […]