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Best of Fundamentals: Holes and Gaps

Originally posted here on April 16, 2013 To prevent both offensive and defensive play calling from turning into “Hey, I’m going over there and you go over there!” football has a system of naming spaces in the offensive line. But I would like to be in the huddle of a play that didn’t have a naming […]

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Best of Fundamentals: Plays

Originally posted here on April 1, 2013 (If you missed the post about schemes and the post about formations, you might want to go back and read those first. Then come back and join us for today’s post about offensive play calling: the key to finally understand what the quarterback is shouting about at the start of the play! See […]

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Best of Fundamentals: The Snap

Originally posted here on March 4, 2013 The snap is not found on a winter jacket. Nor is it a dance move inspired by Legally Blond. In football, the snap is one of the most important exchanges that happens in game. If you’re not watching closely, it might seem as if the quarterback has the ball in […]

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Best of Fundamentals: 53-man Roster

Originally posted here on February 18, 2013 We’re going to start with the one thing you need to play a football game, other than a football: A team. There are 53 men on each NFL team. Clearly, they don’t all play at the same time. Here’s the breakdown:   So each week, 46 men dress […]

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Best of What Just Happened : Catch?

Originally posted here on January 21, 2013 Late in the Niners at Falcons game last night, Falcons receiver Harry Douglas kept the Falcons Super Bowl hopes alive with a big catch late in the game. Or was it? It’s one of those plays that is virtually impossible to call, especially since what defines a “catch” […]

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Best of What Just Happened : Fumble Recovery

Originally posted here on January 7, 2013 Another week, another chat about flaws in the Coach’s Challenge system. Early in yesterday’s Colts at Ravens playoff game, Ravens running back Ray Rice fumbled the ball, the Colts recovered it, and then a Ravens player emerged from the pile with the football. So, sequence: Ravens fumble, Colts recover, Colts lose possession, Ravens dig […]