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Pocket Guide to NFC Teams

Because the regular season is coming soon (!!!), we’ll start doing divisional breakdowns again in the next few weeks. But in the meantime, here’s a pocket guide to all of the NFC Teams that might come in handy this season. (Don’t feel left out, AFC fans. Next week is your time to shine!)

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Pocket Guide to the NFL Year

Football is no longer a single season. It’s a year-round affair. And the people rejoice! Wondering what happens when? I made another Pocket Guide – and will probably make more as the regular season approaches – to give you a handy printable to keep around so you know what’s going on and when!   Have […]

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Media Day

Today is Super Bowl Media Day. It’s the day when the players and staff of both teams are available to all media outlets for questions of all kinds. Which means it’s a circus of mayhem under very loose control. So today, we’re having our own version of Media Day. It’s bound to keep a much […]

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Game Play Thursday : You Decide!

Just so we’re clear: I’m copping out of this week’s Game Play Thursday post because I didn’t make time to write it. That’s what’s happening here. But in other news, the entire house is decked out for Christmas and I’m pulling ahead in this year’s race to watch as many cheesy Christmas movies as possible […]

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One Step Further Resources

Don’t get me wrong. SportsCenter is a staple in my daily routine. I visit NFL.com more than nearly any other website. There are so many great outlets for instant updates. But if you’d like to go one step further than just headlines in your quest for football knowledge, here are a few lesser-known resources that […]

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Resources : Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

For all of you fantasy footballers out there, draft time is approaching. And luckily, ESPN is going to help you with the process. As a general rule, you’re going to want to draft your high-scorers in the first round. This usually means taking the best available quarterback or running back. After that, it’s up to […]