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Preseason Lowdown : Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What’s the story?  The Bucs have a dynamic head coach (Schiano), a shiny new free agent (Revis), and a guy nicknamed “the muscle hamster” (Martin). What could go wrong? A few things, if last season is to judge. The Bucs have great potential but have yet to capitalize on that potential, most notably at the […]

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Preseason Lowdown : New Orleans Saints

What’s the story?  Let the 2012 season serve as a reminder lest anyone think that the head coach of an NFL team is nothing more than a figure-head. The Saints lost their first four games sans Sean Payton, who was serving a year-long suspension for his involvement in the bounty drama. Not only did the […]

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Preseason Lowdown : Carolina Panthers

What’s the story?  Chances are good that you might remember the story from this past year (a worse-than-it-sounds 7-9 season) less clearly than you remember the story from season prior (a better-than-it-sounds 6-10 season). The reason? Cam Newton was on fire in 2011. He was the league’s RGIII/Russell Wilson/Colin Kaepernick. He even made the Pro […]

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Preseason Lowdown : Atlanta Falcons

What’s the story?  A bunch of quarterbacks got paid this offseason. Falcons QB Matt Ryan was one of them. He will continue on in his role as the franchise quarterback for the next 5 years, and he’s not the only talented player the on the Falcons roster this season. Atlanta made a big splash in […]

Preseason Lowdown Roundup : NFC East and North

Better late than never! Here’s this week’s roundup of Preseason Lowdown posts: Preseason Lowdown : Dallas Cowboys Preseason Lowdown : New York Giants Preseason Lowdown : Philadelphia Eagles Preseason Lowdown : Washington Redskins Preseason Lowdown : Chicago Bears Preseason Lowdown : Detroit Lions Preseason Lowdown : Green Bay Packers Preseason Lowdown : Minnesota Vikings See […]

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Preseason Lowdown : Minnesota Vikings

What’s the story?  Can we skip this post? I know as a Packers fan, I’m supposed to hate the Bears. It’s the rivalry to end all rivalries. But honestly, if I had to pick my least favorite team in all of football, the team that makes my blood boil, it would be the Vikings. If […]