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Film Room Answers : Players Revealed!

Welcome back! Let’s dive right in and reveal the answers to yesterday’s film room questions. We’ll break each question down using the three identifiers we’ve been talking about this week: number, context, and roster. Question 1: Identify the following players and their position: 84 (Falcons), and 43 (Panthers) Number: Let’s start with 84 for the Falcons. […]

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Film Room : Name That Player

We’re going back in time in today’s film room post to further break down film we’ve already broken down. Because we’re just that intense! We’ll be taking a closer look at the first four weeks of film and identifying two players in each big play using the lessons we learned in Monday’s fundamentals post. And because […]

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History Lesson : Theismann’s Big Break

By now, you’ve probably seen or at least heard about the gruesome injury suffered by Louisville men’s basketball player Kevin Ware. I was working upstairs with the TV on mute while the game was on so I could look up at the score every now and then, but it was on live downstairs so I could […]

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Player Profile : Vick Ballard

I had to look up this kid’s name before I put it in the title of this player profile. That’s how little of a splash the rookie running back made in the draft (170th pick) and in the season so far. But on Sunday, he scored his first touchdown of the season. And it just […]