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Free Printable: Penalties Cheat Sheet

Oh yes…the best printable ever has arrived. I took Tuesday and Wednesday’s post and condensed them into a handy printable for your saving, pining, or printing pleasure.   Yep, it sure is a lot of information in one small square. But it sure will be helpful next time a yellow flag flies. Enjoy it, pass […]

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Zebra Talk : Ten Common Penalties (Part II)

And…we’re back! Yesterday we eased into penalties with a few of the most common pre-snap penalties. Today we get into the meat of the matter: live action penalties. Here are six penalties you are likely to see multiple times this weekend (and every weekend). Intentional Grounding (offense – 10 yards, loss of down) If the […]

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Zebra Talk : Ten Common Penalties (Part I)

Here’s the post a lot of you have probably been waiting for most in this series: ten common NFL penalties explained in terms that won’t make you want to poke your eyes out. This should prove to be tremendously helpful the next time a whistle blows and a yellow flag hits the turf. Originally I […]

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Zebra Talk: Things to Know About Penalties

Let me tell you first that writing this post gave me a whole new level of appreciation and sympathy for last year’s replacement refs. The NFL rulebook is a JUNGLE. Seriously. Just take a look at this thing. (And if you’re really brave, download the complete 120 page PDF at the bottom.) Last week we […]

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Game Play Thursday : Pre-Snap Penalties

You know those incredibly frustrating penalties that occur before the play even starts? You know how it’s hard to tell which penalty is going to be called because they all sound like the same thing? False start, offsides, neutral zone infractions, encroachment…say what?! Here’s the difference between each and how you can point them out […]