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What To Know : After Week 10

What to know this week? That in the NFL, no one really knows anything. Thus, this: The Dolphins, looking like they could be a playoff threat last week, lose 37-3 to the Titans, who lost 51-20 to the Bears the week before. The Patriots win a nail-biter…against the Bills. Final score: 37-31. Kickers who never […]

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What to Know : Week 2

What to Know: Week 2 GAME TO KNOW: I think the game of the week already happened: Bears at Packers last night. It’s a classic rivalry, but more than that, it was a litmus test for both teams. The Bears put up 41 points on the Colts last week, an abnormality for their defensive-minded team. […]

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What To Know : After Week 1

We’re adding another new feature to go hand in hand with Friday’s post: a postgame guide to what happened over the weekend. Here’s what you need to know about Week 1 in the NFL: Peyton Manning: Peyton’s return to football was nothing short of glorious. Once he was given free reign of the offense and […]

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What To Know : Week 1

Here’s a new feature for the regular season: a little pregame prep we’ll call What To Know. Every Friday I’ll post the game to know, player to know, and storyline to know for the upcoming week. And…a handful of recipes to make for your football watching pleasure. It’s the best of all worlds! You’ll be […]