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History Lesson : Jerry Rice

As long as we’re talking about receivers this week, we might as well talk about the best one to ever play the game: Jerry Rice. While easily regarded as the best wide receiver in NFL history, many would conclude that Rice is the best player, period, in NFL history. Besides owning basically every meaningful statistic […]

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History Lesson : Deacon Jones

It was recently announced that the player with the most sacks each season will receive the newly minted Deacon Jones award. The award receives it’s name from Hall of Fame defensive end Deacon Jones, which is an apt honor to bestow on the man who coined the term the award recognizes – the quarterback sack. […]

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History Lesson : Vince Lombardi

Ever wonder how the Lombardi Trophy, awarded to the winning Super Bowl team, got it’s name? It’s thanks to this man, Vincent Thomas Lombardi, whose story is told here by legendary Packers guard, Jerry Kramer: Would you believe that Coach Lombardi’s original career path was as a priest? Yep, it’s true. After two years of […]

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History Lesson : Johnny Unitas

People…I can’t even believe I’ve been depriving you of the film portion of these lessons. Somehow I missed the memo that the Pro Football Hall of Fame has a Youtube channel…so we’ll be picking up the best episodes with a vengeance for the next few weeks as we continue on with our history lessons! Today […]

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History Lesson : One Yard Short

Remember the Music City Miracle? The play that sent to Titans to Super Bowl 34? They were in need of another miracle in that game, but it was the Rams who came up on the receiving end. Most Super Bowls don’t come down to a final play in the red zone. This one did. The […]

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History Lesson : Music City Miracle

Let’s continue with the miracle theme, shall we? The first part of this history lesson should probably focus on reframing your perspective: there was a time in the not-so-distant past when it wasn’t at all abnormal for the Buffalo Bills to be perennial playoff hopefuls. Really. The 80’s and 90’s were the Bills’ golden years. […]