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Film Room : Zone Principles in Saints vs. Niners

A few weeks ago we broke down film of the Colts using both man and zone coverage in their defensive plays. I’d go back and review that tape first if you haven’t already seen it, but in short, man and zone coverages are what they seem. In man coverage, players are assigned specific men to […]

These cleats were made for dancin' - touchdown dancin'. Today we break down film of DWTS contestant Jacoby Jones' punt return for a touchdown.

Film Room : Steelers vs. Ravens

The good news: we get to break down film of a special teams play today, and we haven’t done that yet. The bad news: we have to watch it with the Steelers in their bumble bee throwbacks, and we really don’t want to do that. Be that as it may, it’s still a great play: […]

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Film Room : Bucs vs. Saints

Before we begin, let’s talk. You’re going to see something terrible on this week’s film. And that something terrible is the Bucs infamous creamsicle throwback jerseys. photo source They’re something special – when special is used in the southern “bless your heart” kind of way. I really thought they were the worst jerseys in the […]

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Film Room : Texans vs. Packers

Well, this week’s film is going to be fun. One week after their unfortunate but understandable loss to the impassioned Colts, the Packers dismantled the formerly undefeated Texans in a 42-24 Sunday Night showdown. It was a good night. The touchdown that started it all was a 41 yard bomb to Jordy Nelson. Let’s take […]

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Film Room : Patriots vs. Broncos

Seriously, people, this may become my all-time favorite blog feature. It’s just so helpful! For me and hopefully for you too! Thanks again to USA Football for doing such a great job of breaking down good plays in terms that real people (including normal girls!) can understand. Here’s this week’s film, taken from Week 5’s […]

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In the Film Room : Falcons vs. Panthers

People, I’m obsessed. Obsessed with that moment when something that was so confusing suddenly becomes so clear. And since visual explanations tend to speak to my brain much more fluently than verbal explanations, these film breakdowns have led to quite a few glory glory hallelujah moments. Suddenly the concepts that I read about and watch […]