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Draft Week News and Notes: First Round Recap

image source People: there is manna in the desert. The NFL draft has arrived. It’s a magical time in which dreams are realized and the regular season doesn’t feel like it’s still 4 months away. The honeymoon tends to end quickly: you soon realize that your picks aren’t all they were cracked up to be […]

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Draft Week History Lesson : Bests and Busts

The draft wasn’t always the draft. It was always a selection process to procure new talent in which the worst teams selected players first, that much is true. But it hasn’t always been the media frenzy it has now become, complete with red carpet arrivals and round the clock coverage. Future commissioner Bert Bell was the […]

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Draft Week Profiles : Five Players To Cheer For

I love watching the draft. It’s so powerful to watch the moment when someone realizes that all of the hard work was worth it. Who doesn’t love watching dreams coming true? Plus, with Roger Goodell as commissioner, it’s almost as fun to watch the congratulatory hugs as it is to find out who will be […]

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Draft Week Fundamentals : Q & A

DRAFT WEEK IS HERE!!! Now, let me be the first to state the obvious: we haven’t covered much of anything draft-related in the past few months. That’s true! And that’s mainly because draft projections chip away at my soul…it seems so pointless to spend time guessing where all of the prospects may or may not […]