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Final Exam Answers!

Here are the answers to the final exam! Thanks for playing along, Mary; you did a great job! Your package will be on it’s way ASAP :) 1. True or False: Each team plays the other teams in their division twice every season. True  False 2. Where is the red zone? The end zone Out […]

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Our Training Camp : Week 7 Answers

Another round of answers have arrived! Here’s week 7’s batch: 1. Which of the following is not a former player for the Dallas Cowboys: Joe Buck Troy Aikman Emmitt Smith Michael Irvin 2. Victor Cruz celebrates touchdowns by doing what dance? The Breakdance The Chicken Dance The Meringue The Salsa 3. How many times has […]

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Our Training Camp : Week 6 Answers

Another round of answers, here we come! This weeks answers are: 1. Which quarterback is nicknamed “Matty Ice”? Matt Cassel Matt Hasselbeck Matt Ryan Matt Leinart   2. Which other professional sports team was the catalyst for the Panthers coming to Carolina? The Bobcats The Hornets The Knights The Eagles   3. What does Drew […]

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Our Training Camp : Week 5 Answers

Here’s our Week 5 Answers! How’d you fare this week? 1. The Chicago Bears are often associated with football pioneer: George Halas Al Davis Vince Lombardi Lovie Smith 2. Which of the following is NOT a Packers legend? Bart Starr Jerry Kramer Barry Sanders Reggie White 3. The team that was not founded with the […]

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Midterm Answers and Giveaway WINNER!

Our midterm testing has come to an end. I’m SO proud of the two courageous girls who took the test and posted their answers! It was a very close call – a difference of only one correct answer! But in the end the winner is… LIZ! Congratulations, Liz! Email me your address and I’ll send […]

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our training camp : week 4 answers

Dun dun dun! Answer time. Here are this week’s quiz answers: 1. When do kickoffs occur? At the beginning of each quarter At the beginning of each new possession At the beginning of each half At the beginning of the game.   2. After a turnover, the ball is placed: At the spot where the […]