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At the Water Cooler : Conference Championship Sunday

Oh, gang. What a Championship Sunday we had!!! It’s one thing to have two games that are surrounded by legitimate anticipation; it’s completely another thing to have two games that live up to that anticipation. And in my book, both of the games did. Let’s dive right in. AFC Championship New England Patriots at Denver […]

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Halfway Point : AFC

We have arrived at the halfway point of the season, which means it’s a good time to reflect on how the first half has gone thus far. It’s also a good time to keep in mind that I’ll be increasingly more despondent with each week that passes, lamenting the fact that the NFL season is […]

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Preseason Lowdown : Complete Roundup

We’ve spent the past four weeks breaking down every team in the NFL. Just in case you missed anything or want to reference a specific post in the future when the preseason predictions come apart at the seams, here’s one last look at every Preseason Lowdown: AFC EAST Preseason Lowdown : Buffalo Bills Preseason Lowdown […]

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Preseason Lowdown Roundup : AFC South and West

Missed one of the preseason lowdown posts this week? No problem! Here’s a roundup of everything we covered: Preseason Lowdown : Houston Texans Preseason Lowdown : Indianapolis Colts Preseason Lowdown : Jacksonville Jaguars Preseason Lowdown : Tennessee Titans Preseason Lowdown : Denver Broncos Preseason Lowdown : Kansas City Chiefs Preseason Lowdown : Oakland Raiders Preseason […]

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Preseason Lowdown Roundup : AFC East and North

It’s been so good to return to normal around here. If you missed any of this week’s Preseason Lowdown posts, here’s the roundup: Preseason Lowdown : Buffalo Bills Preseason Lowdown : Miami Dolphins Preseason Lowdown : New England Patriots Preseason Lowdown : New York Jets Preseason Lowdown : Baltimore Ravens Preseason Lowdown : Cincinnati Bengals […]