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Film Room : Coverage, Billick Style

I’m bringing in reinforcements. The real big guns. Coach Billick, Super Bowl winning coach and FOX NFL analyst, is here to explain Cover 2, Tampa 2, and Cover 3 in the perfect way only he can. From the looks of the video I’m a little concerned that he was held hostage in a basement by […]

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Film Room : Zone Principles in Saints vs. Niners

A few weeks ago we broke down film of the Colts using both man and zone coverage in their defensive plays. I’d go back and review that tape first if you haven’t already seen it, but in short, man and zone coverages are what they seem. In man coverage, players are assigned specific men to […]

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Film Room : Defensive Gaps

Yesterday we learned all about gaps and holes. It wasn’t too bad, right? But sometimes an extra visual is nice, so we’re going to take a second look at gaps today, since gap protection is something you’re likely to hear in everyday football conversation. Here’s a quick overview of what we learned: Defenses identify spaces […]

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Film Room : Defensive Line

On Monday we gave the defensive line a little love and talked about defensive techniques. Today, we’re going to learn more about the players on the defensive line and what their jobs are…and…we’re going beyond the film to take a look at screen shots and figure out the techniques used on the field. Oh, that’s […]

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Film Room : Wide Receiver Route Tree

On Monday we learned about play calling for passing plays. While the basics aren’t too challenging, the sheer breadth of terminology and nuances between systems can lead to a bit of information overload. To circumvent that, I thought we’d take a look at a different sort of film for today’s film room post. This is […]

These cleats were made for dancin' - touchdown dancin'. Today we break down film of DWTS contestant Jacoby Jones' punt return for a touchdown.

Film Room : Steelers vs. Ravens

The good news: we get to break down film of a special teams play today, and we haven’t done that yet. The bad news: we have to watch it with the Steelers in their bumble bee throwbacks, and we really don’t want to do that. Be that as it may, it’s still a great play: […]