Review & Preview : Week 1 Edition

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We’re really going all-out over here with new features for the 2013 Season, but this one might be my favorite: a quick review of what we’ve learned this week and a preview of the weekend action that’s about to unfold. A perfect weekend read!

Let’s dive in!


Safety: A defensive score, worth 2-points. (From Monday’s post)

Offsetting Penalties: When each team gets called for certain penalties which nullify, or offset, one another. Keep in mind that not all penalties are created equal (or worth the same amount of yardage), and therefore not all penalties will offset one another. (From Tuesday’s post)

Dead Ball Fouls: Penalties that occur when the ball is not longer “live” or in play (from Tuesday’s post)

Offsetting Dead Ball Fouls: Offsetting penalties which result in the loss of a down, not replaying the down (from Tuesday’s post)

Drive: a new offensive possession (from Wednesday’s post)

Offensive Possession: the term used to describe having control of the football on offense (from Wednesday’s post)

Touchback: a ruling that occurs when the ball is downed in the end zone or outside of the end zone and results in a drive which begins at the 20-yard line (from Wednesday’s post)

Taking a Knee in the End Zone: when a receiver catches the kickoff in the end zone and kneels down for a touchback (from Wednesday’s post)

Fantasy Football: a season-long game in which a participant competes against a group of other participants by drafting and fielding a fantasy “team” each week (from Thursday’s post)


Normal Girl Game of the Week:

Broncos at Giants, 4:25 EST on CBS

The Manning Bowl is always a must-watch, especially since it will be the first time Eli will face Peyton as a Bronco, not a Colt. Peyton has the upper hand in W column: he’s won both of the past two face-offs. He’s also coming off of a game in which he threw 7 touchdowns and zero interceptions, which is essentially the opposite of the night Eli had with the Giants last Sunday.

Also On The Radar:

1. Are the Bucs really as bad as they looked last Sunday against the Jets? It will be tough to find out the true answer to that question, as they face a fierce NFC South rival this Sunday – the back-and-better-than-ever Saints.

2. How will the rookie quarterbacks in the AFC East (Geno Smith for the Jets, EJ Manuel for the Bills) fare in Week 2? Both were impressive in their debut games, but can they maintain that level of composure and confidence as the weeks wear on?

3. Who will emerge as the powerhouse in the NFC West after a veritable clash of the (non-Tennessean) titans on Sunday night: the Seahawks, or the 49ers?

And that’s a wrap! What are you all looking forward to this weekend? Any game in particular stand out?

Author: Beka