Review and Preview : Week 5

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football, news, week 5


Last week was an intense week full of new review terms, so we toned it down a bit this week so that no one’s head exploded (including mine). Here’s what you need to know!

Bootleg: A play in which the quarterback runs behind the offensive line, in the same direction they are moving, before running outside of the offensive line in an attempt to break down the field and gain as many rushing yards as possible. (From Tuesday’s post)

Naked Bootleg: The same as a bootleg, only the quarterback runs in the opposite direction of the offensive line before breaking down the field for as many rushing yards as possible. (From Tuesday’s post)

Rushing: What the NFL calls “running” in all statistics and official terminology. But sometimes they also call it running (running back, running play, running the ball)…because that’s what the players are doing. (From Tuesday’s post)

Pocket: The term used to describe the distance between the furthest offensive linemen – this includes the tight end if he’s blocking with the offensive line and not running a route to catch a pass. Widthwise, the pocket is 2 yards beyond the furthest linemen and lengthwise, it’s as far back as the offense’s end zone. (From Thursday’s post)

And…that’s it! It was a light week around here, although I did really enjoy Wednesday’s post about choosing your NFL team wisely. That’s worth a read if you missed it.


Normal Girl Game of the Week

Colts at Chargers, MNF on ESPN

Andrew Luck and Phillip Rivers are two red hot quarterbacks at opposite ends of their careers. It should be a high scoring affair in San Diego on Monday night between the kid and the veteran, and definitely one worth watching.

Also on the Radar

1. The Patriots will be looking to bounce back after a close loss to the Bengals, but it’ll be a tall order to do so against an undefeated New Orleans team.

2. The battle for the NFC East rages limps on, this week in a match up between the Redskins (coming off a bye week) and the Cowboys (coming off a gut wrenching loss to the Broncos).

3. How terrible will Jacksonville’s trip to Denver be? It’s unthinkable. There are no words.

Author: Beka