News and Notes : 6.28.13

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football, newsAs you might expect, we’ll be leading off with the big news in the NFL this week.

Aaron Hernandez, now-former Patriots tight end, has been charged with first-degree murder and is also being investigated in a separate double homicide from 2012.

If you’ve been following the news at all, you know it does not look good for Hernandez. The defense has everything but the smoking gun (literally). He was released by the Patriots before the official charges were even placed, which was the right, albiet expensive, thing for the Patriots to do. They are now in the throes of the most tumultuous off season of any team in the league – a description never associated with the iron-clad franchise.

Clearly, the priority is enacting justice on behalf of the victims in the case (and potentially cases). But since this is a football blog, I’d be remiss not to mention that New England will now start the season without their powerhouse double tight end set, Gronkowski and Hernandez, and also without their leading wide receivers, Welker, Woodhead, and Lloyd. Keep in mind that the guy throwing the ball is still Tom Brady, so it’s not like they’re bereft of offensive talent. Also keep in mind that the Patriots just signed Tim Tebow and it wouldn’t be an overwhelming surprise if they tried to use him in a creative fashion. Lastly: this is the team that makes superstars out of average Joe’s. They consistently pull talent from the bottom of their roster.

In other news, Browns rookie Ausar Walcott was charged with attempted murder after punching a man outside a bar, no charges will be brought against Jaguars running back Maurice Jones Drew in the fight that occurred a few weeks ago, and Ravens running back Bernard Pierce was held at gunpoint and carjacked.

It’s been such an uplifting news week in the NFL!

The good news is that the season starts in 70 days. We’re more than halfway there, people! Have a great weekend!

Author: Beka