What To Know : After Week 9

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I kind of like busting out different formats for this post. This week, let’s look at the nine biggest jaw-dropping moments from Week 9:

  1. Holy Yardage, Rookie Running Back! Doug Martin put up 251 rushing yards against the Raiders in Sunday’s Bucs win. (For reference: that’s more than double what normal, human running backs average.)
  2. Holy Yardage, Rookie Quarterback! Andrew Luck threw for 433 yards against the Dolphins in the Colts victory on Sunday, thus breaking the record (set last year by Cam Newton with 432) for highest single game throwing yards by a rookie QB.
  3. We already talked about this yesterday, but Chuck Pagano’s post game speech was jaw dropping and tear inducing. If still haven’t heard it, please take the time to listen to it and read about it here.
  4. Places of Doom, Part I: Tennessee. After their 51-20 loss to the Bears on Sunday, the Titans owner let it be known that he’s basically firing everyone in the off-season. Which, even though the Titans have been less than stellar lately, is a little harsh since the Bears defense is insane right now. INSANE.
  5. Places of Doom, Part II: Philadelphia. For a city that is already intent on lambasting any and every professional sports personnel…I can’t even imagine what the Andy Reid Angstometer looks like at this point. Which is a shame. Reid has been a staple in Philly and has brought a steady stream of success to the team. He’s a hall of fame caliber coach, but unfortunately none of that matters to fans when you’re on a multiple game losing streak.
  6. I hate to harp on this, but I feel like I have to: the Eagles had four 1st-and-goal situations last night (meaning they were within 10 yards of the end zone with 4 chances to get points)…and came away with two field goals. There are no words for that.
  7. HOW ARE THEY LOSING THESE GAMES?! I am not even close to a Cowboys fan, but I still find it unnervingly frustrating to watch them lose every week. It goes against everything I know about the NFL to watch a team be poised to win at some point in the game every week…and then lose, every week. Dallas fans, I’m sorry. This must be brutal for you.
  8. For the sake of the general NY/NJ area, I really wanted to see the Giants win on Sunday. But man, what a game. The Steelers played great, but it was the first time all season that Eli Manning hasn’t looked superhuman in the 4th quarter. Tough loss.
  9. Peyton Manning. Just being Peyton Manning. Even in an ugly win he’s still unbelievable to watch.

How about you guys? What were your favorite moments from Week 9?