At the Water Cooler : Week 10

football, games, super bowl

football, games, week 10

Washington Redskins at Minnesota Vikings (Vikings won, 34-27)

Credit where credit is due: prior to leaving in the 3rd quarter with an injury, Vikings QB Christian Ponder went 17 of 21 for 174 yards and two touchdowns and one interception. Not amazing, but not too shabby for a guy who doesn’t get much r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons (Seahawks won, 33-10)

Stick a fork in the Falcons. They’re done.

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears (Lions won, 21-19)

This NFC North matchup was everything it was promised to be. Megatron and his two second half touchdowns sealed the deal for the Lions, who now own first place in the division.

Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers (Eagles won, 27-13)

The Packers own first place in the game they are playing, called Let’s See How Many Backups We Can Field In One Season. All appearances would suggest they are a lock to win it.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans (Jaguars won(!), 29-27)

The Jaguars can breathe a sigh of relief: they will not be the 2013 version of the winless ’08 Lions. Your move, Tampa Bay.

St. Louis Rams at Indianapolis Colts (Rams won, 38-8)

Not to take anything away from the Rams, who played very well, but this was a complete collapse by the Colts. And likely the worst game of Andrew Luck’s life: 29 of 47 for 353 yards, 1 TD, and 3 INT’s. That’s a bad day at the office right there.

Oakland Raiders at NY Giants (Giants won, 24-20)

The Giants are officially on a 3-game winning streak. It wouldn’t be news in any other season, but in this one, it’s cause for major celebration – especially considering that two other NFC East rivals fell (Redskins and Cowboys) this week.

Buffalo Bills at Pittsburgh Steelers (Steelers won, 23-10)

This wasn’t quite the welcome back party Bills fans were anticipating with EJ Manuel back in the lineup.

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens (Ravens won, 20-17 OT)

The Bengals, somehow, came all the way back from a 17-point deficit, thanks in part to an insane AJ Green TD catch. (Even more insane than is usual insane TD catches.) But in the end it wasn’t enough to best the Ravens, who are now only one game behind the Bengals in the wide open AFC North.

Carolina Panthers at San Francisco 49ers (Panthers won, 10-9)

This was the litmus test for the Panthers. They had won four straight…but not against teams like the 49ers…and the 49ers coming off a bye and playing at home, no less. With their fifth straight win coming against the well-rested defending NFC Champs and a Carolina defense that looks scary good, the Panthers can officially be recognized as the real deal.

Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers (Broncos won, 28-20)

Cue the script for the rest of the week in the world of sports: Is Peyton ok? It’s a legitimate question – one we’ll get more answers to after his MRI today – and one that will be talked to death until the Broncos hit the field against the undefeated Chiefs next Sunday.

Houston Texans at Arizona Cardinals (Cardinals won, 27-24)

That fork we used for the Falcons? Feel free to stick it in the Texans. It’s kind of hard to believe they’ve dropped to 2-7.

Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints (Saints won, 49-17)

In Friday’s post we had talked about both the Saints and the Cowboys needing a big statement win after their mediocre Week 9 games. The Saints certainly held up their end of the bargain on that one; it was a thorough stomping.

Miami Dolphins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (MNF on ESPN)

Florida football has seen brighter days, that’s for sure. The fallout in Miami gets a little messier every day and the Bucs – afflicted with MRSA, an ousted QB, and generally bad play – are still looking for their first win. Tonight might be their best chance to get it.

Bye: Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, NY Jets

Author: Beka