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It’s almost TIME!!!

Does anyone remember this commercial? It’s one of my all-time favorites. Football for Normal Girls will be back with new content on Monday to gear up for…the preseason!!! It’s like manna in the desert. See you all then!

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Best of Pocket Guides: The League

Originally posted here on July 3, 2013 Can’t remember which one is a conference and which one is a league? Can’t remember who’s in what and where? This should help: a free, printable Pocket Guide to the League. (Need more info? Check out this post!) Print This

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Best of Pocket Guides : NFC Teams

Originally posted here on June 19, 2013 Because the regular season is coming soon (!!!), we’ll start doing divisional breakdowns again in the next few weeks. But in the meantime, here’s a pocket guide to all of the NFC Teams that might come in handy this season. (Don’t feel left out, AFC fans. Next week is your […]

summer break, football, pocket guide

Best of Pocket Guides: NFL Year

Originally posted here on June 6, 2013 Football is no longer a single season. It’s a year-round affair. And the people rejoice! Wondering what happens when? I made another Pocket Guide – and will probably make more as the regular season approaches – to give you a handy printable to keep around so you know what’s going […]