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Quizzes about NFL football featured on the website Football for Normal Girls.

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Our Training Camp : Week 6 Quiz

 Ready for another quiz? Here’s Week 6! 1. Which quarterback is nicknamed “Matty Ice”? Matt Cassel Matt Hasselbeck Matt Ryan Matt Leinart   2. Which other professional sports team was the catalyst for the Panthers coming to Carolina? The Bobcats The Hornets The Knights The Eagles   3. What does Drew Brees do with his teammates before every game? Takes them out to […]

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Our Training Camp : Week 5 Quiz

Week 5 Quiz here we come! Woo hoo!!! 1. The Chicago Bears are often associated with football pioneer: George Halas Al Davis Vince Lombardi Lovie Smith 2. Which of the following is NOT a Packers legend? Bart Starr Jerry Kramer Barry Sanders Reggie White 3. The team that was not founded with the original NFL […]

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Our Training Camp : Midterm

Leave your answers to the midterm in the comments section by TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4TH, for your chance to win a $20 gift card to Target! Whoever gets the highest score, or whomever is randomly chosen among those who earn the highest scores, will win the gift card! Good luck! 1. Which player for the Green […]

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This Week…Midterm!

GIRLS! Can you even believe we’ve been at this for 4 weeks now? Oh my word! We are officially at the halfway point of training camp!!! Since we’ve consumed a deluge of information so far, I think it’s a good time to review. And by review, I mean have a test. A midterm. Now, midterms aren’t […]

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Our Training Camp : Week 4 Quiz

You’re already a month into this. A MONTH! You’re cruising! Here’s our Week 4 Quiz: 1. When do kickoffs occur? At the beginning of each quarter At the beginning of each new possession At the beginning of each half At the beginning of the game.   2. After a turnover, the ball is placed: At […]

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Our Training Camp : Week 3 Quiz

Week 3! Here already! The quiz of the week: 1. The regular season is ( ) weeks long: 15 16 17 18   2. True or false: Teams play 17 games per regular season. True False   3. Football games are timed in: Periods Halves Innings Quarters   4. It’s half-time. Your team ended the […]