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Quizzes about NFL football featured on the website Football for Normal Girls.

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Surviving the Super Bowl : Test Your Knowledge

Ready to test your newly acquired skills? Here’s a quiz to review everything you’ve learned over the past 3 days; answers will be posted tomorrow. Good luck and have fun! 1. What’s a snap? That noise you make with your fingers and thumb The button thing on your vest The exchange of the football from […]

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Film Room : Name That Player

We’re going back in time in today’s film room post to further break down film we’ve already broken down. Because we’re just that intense! We’ll be taking a closer look at the first four weeks of film and identifying two players in each big play using the lessons we learned in Monday’s fundamentals post. And because […]

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Pop Quiz!

What’s better than starting a Monday off with a Pop Quiz style bang? A lot of things, probably. BUT, not in the case of this pop quiz! There’s a great Fundamentals post coming your way tomorrow that was originally intended for today, but once I uploaded an illustration of basic offense and defense I realized […]

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Surviving the Super Bowl: Test Your Knowledge

You hung in there through offense. You breezed past defense. You even read the post about special teams and learned more than you ever wanted to know about kicking! But you’ll never know what you really know until you put your knowledge to the test. And that’s what this quiz is for! The 20 questions below have […]

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Final Exam!

Ok, ladies, here’s the deal: This final exam is a brief one, consisting of only TEN questions! But they are ten questions that, if you know the answers, you’ll know you are well on your way to understanding the basic ins and outs of the game. So, ANYONE who completes this final and scores with […]

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Our Training Camp : Week 7 Quiz

Another week, another quiz. Here’s Week 7! 1. Which of the following is not a former player for the Dallas Cowboys: Joe Buck Troy Aikman Emmitt Smith Michael Irvin   2. Victor Cruz celebrates touchdowns by doing what dance? The Breakdance The Chicken Dance The Meringue The Salsa   3. How many times has Andy […]