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Off the Field : Cortland Finnegan

I have to say that before this E:60 feature, I had a very negative opinion of Cortland Finnegan. That’s what E:60 does to you. It makes you cry over players you thought you wanted thrown out of the league. Cortland Finnegan is a well-known troublemaker. He has a reputation for being a dirty player, and […]

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Draft Week Film Room : The Journey of a Draft Pick

We’re going to employ a loose interpretation of “film room” today and talk about a guy you’ve probably never heard of who had a rookie season that was equally unheard of. Not many players get drafted high, start their entire rookie season, and then win a Super Bowl. However, that was the case for Kelechi Osemele […]

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Draft Week Profiles : Five Players To Cheer For

I love watching the draft. It’s so powerful to watch the moment when someone realizes that all of the hard work was worth it. Who doesn’t love watching dreams coming true? Plus, with Roger Goodell as commissioner, it’s almost as fun to watch the congratulatory hugs as it is to find out who will be […]

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Off the Field : Alex Smith

Alex Smith was the subject of the biggest quarterback controversy that no one saw coming when he was seamlessly replaced by Colin Kaepernick in the midst of the 49ers Super Bowl season. As with everything he’s endured during his tenure in San Francisco, he handled the situation with class and grace – even going so […]

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Off the Field : Marcus Lattimore

I’m not sure there is a person with a pulse who isn’t rooting for Marcus Lattimore. The junior running back from the University of South Carolina is currently preparing for the NFL Draft; it’s a day that had the chance of never arriving for Lattimore after two seasons of gruesome knee injuries that probably should […]

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Off the Field : Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers isn’t just my favorite quarterback on the field, he’s also my (totally unbiased) favorite off the field, too. He’s not a fanfare guy and is probably the only high-profile quarterback who doesn’t have his own website, but chooses instead to quietly helps people behind the scenes. One outreach initiative he’s been involved with […]