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Information about NFL players on the website Football for Normal Girls.

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Things That Matter : It’s Aaron

I love my quarterback. (Even his fractured collarbone which will keep me up at night for the next 4-6 weeks.) But more than that, I love people loving on other people. Which is why we are taking a break from the x’s and o’s today to spend a minute focusing on things that matter more […]

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Off the Field : Charlie Batch

Charlie Batch earned one of our favorite moments of 2012 with his tenacious Week 13 win over the Ravens. He is currently a free agent, and while he hasn’t officially been cut or resigned to the Steelers roster, after they drafted QB Landry Jones it became fairly apparent that Batch won’t be returning next season […]

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Off the Field : Marcus Trufant

A chapter has come to a quiet close in Seattle. Marcus Trufant, one of the best corners to ever play for the Seahawks and a staple of the franchise for the past 10 years, signed with the Jaguars last Tuesday. Seahawks fans know Trufant as an exceptional player and an even better person. Just read […]

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Film Room (But Really…Not) : A Bad Lip Reading

Just so we’re clear here: this is a total cop out. I’m not even going to try to trick you into thinking otherwise. This week is full of life but short on time for me, so instead of writing an actual film room post, I’m giving you this…which might be even better. For real. Here’s […]

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Off the Field : Tim Tebow

image source Even if Tim Tebow never achieves any more success in the NFL than he already has (and for the record: he will), he’s still one of the best players to highlight off the field. We could basically do this feature on him every week for the rest of the off-season and only scratch […]

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History Lesson : Tom Brady’s Draft Story

image source We’ve focused primarily on ancient history in these posts so far, but today we’re going back to fairly recent history. Do you know who Tom Brady is? OF COURSE you do! Even if you don’t know a single thing about football and stumbled on this website completely by accident and are looking to […]