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Important news about the NFL on the website Football for Normal Girls.

A new season

Remember when I said I’d be back in March for Combine + Draft coverage? What I actually meant was April. And what I actually actually meant was April… 2015. Or beyond. Let me tell you a story. I started a new job and moved during the playoffs with every intention to keep Football for Normal […]

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Review and Preview : Week 16

We’re having a bit of an adjusted review and preview this week since we have important matters to discuss: the playoffs. The playoffs are upon us!!! It’s so bittersweet. There are teams that are definitely out, teams that are definitely in, and teams that have to jump through 150 hoops but still have a chance […]

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Review and Preview : Week 15

Review Monday: We reviewed my favorite week (almost) ever, Week 15. Tuesday: Why a team has their “own” side of the field, and how to tell which side it is. Wednesday: We learned what all of that waving during kickoff is all about. Thursday: Postseason Prep, Part II! How the Playoffs Work. Preview Normal Girl […]

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Review and Preview : Week 14

Review Monday: Are you a normal girl who is also a football fan? We want YOU! Join our offseason feature. Tuesday: We learned a new party trick: how to quickly tell which end zone belongs to which team. Wednesday: Read only if wrapping your mind around a new definition of backward won’t give you a […]