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Definitions of NFL football terms and concepts on the website Football for Normal Girls.

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NFL Synonyms : What the Heck is a Wide Out?

Yesterday we learned all about receivers and their specific roles: split ends, flankers, tight ends, and slot receivers. So if those are all of the specific positions, what the heck is a wide out? Good question! You’ll often hear analysts and commentators referring to receivers on the field as “wide outs.” It’s a term that […]

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Definitions : The Blind Side

Chances are you’ve seen the movie The Blind Side. But do you know the term for which it was named? The blind side refers to the side the quarterback is facing away from when he drops back and sets up to pass. For right-handed quarterbacks, this is the left side. For left-handed quarterbacks, it’s the […]

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NFL Homonyms : What’s the rush?

In a typical NFL broadcast you’re likely to hear a lot about the rush – rushing yards, rushing the passer, pass rush, stopping the rush, rushing attempts – and so on. Now, it’d be well within reason to think that the word rush and/or rushing pertained to the same action, seeing as how it is […]

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NFL Homonyms : Safety vs. Safety

There are two types of safeties in the NFL: safety the player, and safety the play. Today we’re going to define both and make the subject a little clearer than mud. Safety the player is a defensive back, which means his main priority is defending against long passing plays. Safeties come in two varieties: free […]

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What the heck is an OTA?

So I realized the other day that it’s OTA season…but no one ever really explains what an OTA is. We’re going to take care of that today! OTA stands for Organized Team Activity. While it sounds like a fancy phrase for a field trip, OTAs are actually really important to a team’s preparation for the […]