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Basic explanations of NFL football concepts on the website Football for Normal Girls.

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Surviving the Super Bowl: The Basics of Special Teams (2013 Edition)

It’s hard to imagine that often times all of the complicated scheming and hard-fought battles between offenses and defenses are ultimately decided by one guy’s leg…but more often than not in a close game, that’s exactly what happens. It all comes down to a kick. There are five types of kicks to be aware of, and you’re probably familiar […]

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The 12 Posts of Playoffs : 1 Winner

Now that the conference championships have been decided, we know the representatives from each conference: the Broncos will be representing the AFC and the Seahawks will be representing the NFC. This is weird because both teams were the #1 seeds for their conference. #1 vs. #1 in the Super Bowl happens practically never. The Broncos […]

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The 12 Posts of Playoffs : 2 Conferences

The NFL is split into two halves, called conferences: the AFC and the NFC. Here’s how that works: There is one league, the National Football League. I feel like we’re about to say a pledge. Ok, so one league. And as we just said above, there are two conferences within the National Football League: the AFC […]

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The 12 Posts of Playoffs : 3 Units

There are two obvious units on every football team: offense and defense. That’s because the other unit is kind of like the middle child of the family. Special teams is the unit everyone forgets about. But each unit plays an important role – even special teams! Here’s the lowdown on each one. OFFENSE Goal: To […]