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Advanced explanations of NFL football concepts on the website Football for Normal Girls.

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What He Said : 3 and Out

Have you ever been watching a game and the announcer said something to the effect of, “And the Vikings are going to go 3 and out”? (No offense, Vikings fans; I picked a team at random. Kind of.) You may have thought that statement was a piece of complicated football jargon, but it’s not! It’s […]

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What Just Happened? : Jets Game-Winning Penalty

There was a penalty involving “pushing” called during a failed field goal attempt in the waning minutes of the Patriots at Jets game on Sunday afternoon, a penalty that directly resulted in the Jets getting significantly better field position and kicking a closer field goal for the win. So, what happened? Isn’t “pushing” happening on […]

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What Just Happened? : Peyton’s Naked Bootleg

That isn’t what it sounds like. Get your mind out of the gutter. Sunday afternoon’s Broncos at Cowboys matchup featured one of the most epic Peyton Manning touchdowns in a long career of epic Peyton Manning touchdowns – except this one was his first rushing (or running – same thing) touchdown in 5 years. As I […]

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Wait…What Happened? : Offsetting Dead Ball Fouls

We did a bunch of these posts last season, and I’m bringing them back again this season because I found them really helpful! I hope you do, too! Each week, something weird happens in an NFL game. So each Tuesday, we’ll review what happened and break it down in Normal Girl terms. This time around the […]

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Film Room : Four Types of Screen Plays

And you thought you had it made with just two types of screen plays on Monday! You’re in luck – today the guys at ESPNU are breaking down 4 types of screen plays frequently used in college football, but you’re likely to see them run in the NFL from time to time, too. First things first […]