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What To Know : After Week 15

The Fine Fifteen of Week 15: FIFTEEN: The number of points scored in the Raiders/Chefs game…scored entirely by field goals. I don’t even know. FOURTEEN: The approximate number of times Brady Quinn had to clap to get the attention of his Center to try and get the ball snapped. The ball never did get snapped, […]

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Wait…What Just Happened : Punt

In last night’s Niners at Patriots game there was a substantial debacle over a potential muffed punt. Between multiple fouls and Ed Hochuli’s classic method of explanation and his microphone cutting in and out due to inclement weather…it was one big confusing mess. Honestly, I’m still confused. But let’s try to break it down as […]

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What To Know : Week 15

Oh gosh, guys. I really dropped the ball this week. Christmas shopping and freelance working and plain old holiday unproductivity got the best of me. But here’s a quick look at the weekend ahead – it’s a jam-packed one! GAME OF THE WEEK: SO MANY to choose from. Seriously. Giants at Falcons? Amazing. Big litmus […]

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What To Know : After Week 14

Let’s keep things plain and simple for this week’s overview: Biggest Winners: Five teams had huge wins considering playoff potential: the Redskins, Cowboys, Vikings, Seahawks, and Colts. And really…there were six teams…but it seems wrong to mention the Jets. They’re just so unwatchable at this point. This adequately sums up the Cardinals quarterback situation. Biggest […]

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Wait…What Just Happened…Take Two

Today we’re going to do a take two and go back to a call we broke down last week, the intentional grounding call against the 49ers that resulted in a safety for the Rams. Here’s a refresher: Intentional grounding happens when the quarterback is being pressured and chooses to get rid of the football (“throw […]

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What To Know : Week 14

Here we go, ladies! Week 14 has arrived: GAME OF THE WEEK: Houston at New England on Monday night, an AFC battle. This could potentially be a preview of the AFC Championship game. Vegas is taking the Pats, and so are most other predictors, but I think it’ll be a close one. PLAYER TO WATCH: RYAN GRANT!!! […]