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A new season

Remember when I said I’d be back in March for Combine + Draft coverage? What I actually meant was April. And what I actually actually meant was April… 2015. Or beyond. Let me tell you a story. I started a new job and moved during the playoffs with every intention to keep Football for Normal […]

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…What Do We Do Now?

Welp. We are currently in the first days of the dreaded Football Drought. If you are still reading this website post-Super Bowl, you probably fall into the category of someone who is not looking forward to the long (loooooog) off-season. Here are a few dates you can put on the calendar to get you through […]

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Ten Memorable Posts of 2013

Similar to yesterday’s post, these may not be the “best” posts of the season, but they are the ones I’ll remember the most. Here are 10 of my favorite posts from 2013, listed from earliest to most recent: 10. The Preseason Roundup Series Because it’s always fun to look back and see how wrong preseason […]

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Ten Memorable Moments of 2013

As part of the mourning process that takes place once the season ends, let’s think back to the good times. AKA, let’s actively practice avoidance. It’s fun! These may not be the “best” moments of the 2013 season, but they are a few I’ll remember most. 10. Farewell to Tony Tony Gonzalez had to retire at […]

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At the Water Cooler : Super Bowl 48

Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos (Seahawks won, 43-8) Well…where to begin? I always get concerned when Super Bowls are forecasted to be close because they tend not to play out that way. In this case, that was the understatement to beat all understatements. It began oddly. Did we all catch the coin toss (no pun intended)? Let’s […]