Offseason Schedule 2013 : In the Film Room

football, advanced, film

This week, we’ll be previewing the offseason schedule. You can still expect posts every weekday, a mix of education, information and inspiration, nice people in the comments section, and a reason to hold onto hope: the 2013 season will be here before we know it. Here’s what we’ll be talking about until then:

football, advanced, filmThere are two shows I watch religiously during the regular season: NFL Turning Point on NBC Sports and NFL Matchup on ESPN. As much as I love other shows, these two always find themselves on my must-watch list because of the quality of the film-breakdown. I ALWAYS learn something(s) new from watching the analysts breakdown film.

Now, I’m hardly an analyst, and I can’t even legally show you clips from games here on the blog. But what I can do is watch film (on NFL Rewind), learn from it, and then sare what I learn – much like the What Just Happened posts during the regular season. I really learn a lot from doing posts like this, and I hope you all do too!

See you next Wednesday for our first round!

Author: Beka